Continuing Professional Development in Bangladesh-Views of Physicians

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9. In your opinion what are the benefits of CPD?

10. For what reasons you will attend local/international courses or workshops on CPD or CME?

11. Are there any reasons why you may NOT attend local courses or workshops on CPD or CME?

12. What arrangements have been put in your place (if applicable) to ensure all doctors to undertake CPD?

12.1. In your opinion-whether CPD should be- *

13. If CPD becomes mandatory and members do not comply, what sanction(s) do you think should apply?

14. Who sponsored your CPD activities/programs?

15. Which of the following CPD activities/programs do you want to engage in? You may tick more than one box.

16. What would motivate you to engage in more CPD?

17. In your opinion, which of the following are suitable methods of CPD? [Tick all that apply]

18. In your opinion, how do you think CPD should be recorded? You may tick more than one option.

19. List any topics which should be included in CPD programs to meet your personal needs

20. Indicate challenges that might have hindered implementation of CPD activities for doctors.

21. Please suggest ways to enhance CPD programs implementation.

Knowledge and Perspectives on mandate for CPD co-ordination. *

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Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MOHFW) can regulate CPD for medical & dental practitioners in Bangladesh.
Regulation & supervision of CPD program implementation for doctors of Bangladesh should be in the list of Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BM&DC).
CPD program should be well & established in a legal framework.
Provision of CPD for practitioners should be limited to professional associations such as Bangladesh Medical Association and Bangladesh Dental Society.
Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council should consider other institutions [apart from BMA] as CPD providers for doctors in Bangladesh.
CPD providers for doctors should be regulated by BM&DC before they roll out CPD programs.
CPD should be mandatory to ensure compliance.